DTL Live Report: Aunt Betty’s Ford 9-14-2010

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…“all I ever wanted, was a good job”…

If you guys follow Knott or Aunt Bettys on Facebook I’m sure you have heard all about this show… but I’m gonna spill on it one more time. This was the first time that I have ever seen Aunt Bettys live, and actually the only time I have seen Knott with a band period. My wife and I live in Atlanta, GA completely on the opposite coast from where the Bettys were playing, but as soon as I knew the details we had tickets booked and travel arrangements made! It was one of those things that I couldn’t afford, but I had to figure a way to get there. It was a good choice!

Aunt Bettys were playing with 3 other bands that evening and they were third to go on. The venue was Detroit Bar: a good sized little club where the band and the audience can be close enough to interact and feed off each other. By the time the Bettys took the stage, the place was packed. It was wall to wall with fans that were anticipating the show.

Up to the stage walks Cummings, Carter, Doidge and Knott. Knott says, “Alright boys, let’s do this,” and the mayhem ensued! You can see the set list from the picture, and the guys were dead on the entire show. The set was only about 35 minutes long so the in between song banter was at a minimal, but they raged through 9 songs in an admirable fashion. They played fan favorites like “Kitty Courtesy” and “Rockstars on H,” but for me the best song of the night was definitely “Rocket and A Bomb”! Rocket was so emotional and charged, and there’s something about a couple hundred people screaming a chorus together that just turns the adrenaline on.

Rumor has it that there will be another show sometime in November – you can stay tuned into the Aunt Bettys Facebook page for details on that. Thanks to Carl Spacone who had a limited run of t-shirts made up for the show – that was a definite plus. If you can catch the next show, do whatever you must to make it, it was awesome! On a side note too, this was the first time Doidge has played live in 13 years which made the show that much more memorable. Also in attendance was Rick McDonough of Hidden From Blackout and Struck Last May, Brian Healy of Dead Artist Syndrome and Chris Brigandi from The Lifters.

The Aunt Bettys Ford show was a blast! I was lucky enough to be right up at the front for the show, right underneath a speaker that surely was trying its best to destroy my hearing. I was filming the show so I didn’t have a chance to take pictures, but I was right beside a lady that was snapping pics with what looked like a professional rig. A couple of weeks later some pictures of the show turned up on Facebook and I contacted the photographer who I found out to be Kim Loy. I asked her for permission to use a couple of pictures and she sent me what she took since she wasn’t sure which two or three to pick. We thought the pictures were great and deserved their own little pictorial spread in this issue as a tribute to a great show and a fantastic band. Check out Kim’s face book page, she is a great photographer and has several different photo albums up for viewing with some other notable music acts like The Altar Billies.


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