DTL Live Report: Vigilantes of Love

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, GA

I was anticipating this show for weeks! Vigilantes of Love is absolutely my favorite Americana band, I have grown up listening to Bill Mallonee and company in whatever line up was playing at the time. Bill retired the Vigilantes in 2002 after well over a decade of non-stop touring and a list of critically acclaimed records with very little commercial success. Those of you that are fans know the story well. Bill has released at least 8 (depending on how you count them) solo records since disbanding the Vigilantes, and released more demos then you can count for several years under the now defunct  BillTunes service. I would argue that Bill’s output is unparalleled and that there is no one out there that puts out the amount of music that he does, and definitely no one that puts out stuff this rich and well done.

So, on to the show… The Vigilantes had several different line ups during their career, and this is not a return to any past line up, this is a new, fresh crew with the only returning member besides Bill being Kevin Heuer on drums. The band is rounded out by Jon Guthrie on bass, A.J. Adams on pedal steel guitar, and Bill’s wife Muriah Rose on vocal harmonies. This was only the 3rd show that these guys have played and it was spot on the entire night. The played a solid 14 song set with new tunes (String Of Pearls), old tunes (Welcome To Struggleville, Blister Soul) and tunes from Bill’s solo catalog (Solar System, Flowers).

I have seen Bill numerous times through the years and it was great to see him backed here by the band and playing to a sold out crowd at Eddie’s. Bill has somewhere close to 30 records to his name, and not a one of them disappoint. This band is the real deal – there is nothing else like them! Check out Bill’s website where you can purchase this show as a download for only $4.50, we cover it in the reviews section of the magazine as well. Bill also has most of his entire catalog up on his website for download. The prices are more than fair and the music doesn’t get any better. He has his solo work, full band and his more recent WPA Volumes up and available. This is honest independent music, support it and enjoy!


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