Empty Tomb – Eat It Like It Is: Anthology

EmptyTomb_EatIt_cover_largeThis is almost how you should do re-issues. About the only problem is that this is not on vinyl, but with so many songs it would have probably had to be a double album. At least. But basically what you get here is a CD of all the studio recordings of Empty Tomb plus a bonus download of live material. This is what I have advocated for a while – if there is material out there that you just aren’t sure should be committed to disc, put it out as a download so at least the fans who want it can have it. Really the only thing missing from this compilation is some kind of story or history of the band. For those that don’t know, Empty Tomb was a punk band with major thrash influences. Early crossover, if you will. They were brash, in your face, and not afraid to speak their mind. Everyone thought they would get signed but they didn’t. Well, technically they did – they morphed somewhat into Crux and went on to fame and glory with Tooth & Nail. Well, the morphing thing and getting signed to Tooth & Nail are at least true. This is collection is essential history for fans of old school punk/crossover music.

[2013 Veritas Vinyl | Purchase: veritasvinyl.storenvy.com]

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