Glenn Rowlands – Vinegar Foot

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vinegarfootGlenn Rowlands is back again with what may be one of his heaviest solo offerings yet. There seems to be a bit more Black Sabbath in the usual mix of Led Zep-fueled classic rock goodness. Eight music tracks and a bonus testimony from Glenn himself round out this disc – a little on the short side, but no filler to be found. You can also hear a little bit of the tumbleweed sounds of I Think I Can coming thorugh in the second half of the album – a nice touch that adds some interesting texture to the album. Rowlands doesn’t clone anybody – he just keeps putting out album after album of what I would call “good old hard rock.” Themes range from Church unity, to past demons, to resurrection.  Trust me – this is not a half-baked wannabe indie rock effort. Glenn Rowlands is the real deal and I can promise you if you like the way I am describing this, you will like it. Listen for free on BandCamp to see for yourself.

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  1. i sure do love you, one of my oldest friends, you’re as nutty as squirell shit, i bet you AND TED NUGENT would get along great. You even look like him, just a bit less that TED got you’rer a spitting image a Glenn in the middle. there was grandpa glenn, your dad glen my dad glen and then there was you. always crafty and imaginative, I can still see things from afar that I know are totally yours. you style your way. I love you man..I have changed a bunchover the last 4 years

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