Grieve by Sincerely Paul

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1991 Blonde Vinyl Records

Review by: Matt Crosslin

This album is being re-issued soon – probably in less that a week or so after you are reading this.  So let’s take a listen to the original first before we get a look at the re-issue next time.

I first heard Grieve when I was a recovering metal-head.  So at that time, I gravitated towards songs like the title track, just due to their intensity.  Or maybe it was just that freaky, cool sound going on in the background.  Yes, there is intensity to this album that can attract fans of heavy music with an open mind.  But there is so much more going on with this album.

You can tell from the opening track (appropriately titled “Open”), that the goal here is to be epic.  I think they achieved that and more.  This is moody, atmospheric music that will find fans among the gothic crowd as much as it will with the alternative crowd.  As a bass player myself, I love how the bass guitar (and keyboards and drums for that matter) are equal in the mix with the guitars – not buried under distortion.  The songs have a good amount of space in them, which creates a great dynamic atmosphere about the songs.

As was pointed out in the interview, the lyrics here are very honest.  Pain and hurt are not covered up.  The album is called Grieve after all – so don’t expect happy fun Jesus hippie music.  But I would also agree with James and Mike that hope can be found if you care to dig in and listen.  I am really looking forward to the re-issue to hear the unreleased songs from around this era – especially the popular demo tape that got them so much attention back in the day.

  1. It was a fun time. I wish we would have done some things different, but all in all… no regrets. Thanks for pointing out how good the bass sounds. I agree 🙂
    I hope everyone enjoys the re-release. Jim did a GREAT job!

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