Happy Living by Mumble

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I’ll be honest when reviewing this and tell you that I had to listen a couple of times before I got into this release. Maybe it’s because the music is way more complex than I originally thought. These five guys hail from Michigan and put out a powerhouse of what I can only describe as indie pop. Produced by Jeff Elbel of Ping and Farewell To Juliet, this disc is actually quite fun. Upon first listen I thought it sounded somewhere along the lines of Brian May playing guitar for The Beatles. It has a grown up indie drive with a pop sensibility and thrill. The lyrics are really good and tell unique snapshots with a storyteller’s rhyme. The music and arrangements are really unique and out of the norm. Definite feel good, roll down the window on a sunny day music. Check them out and give it a go!

[2010 Marathon Records | Purchase: http://www.netads.com/music/marathon/mumble/]

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