Hippos Of Doom – Road Trip EP

Hippos-of-Doom-Road-Trip-cover-300x300Punk rock has always been more about attitude than style. True punk fans will be willing to forgive sameness and lack of technical skill if there is a sick riff and “I think I can change the world through music” attitude. Oh, and also an understanding that there is a difference between humor and utter silliness. With a name like “Hippos of Doom”, well, one might be worried that you get silliness and lack of attitude rather than humor and rock. Thankfully, the Hippos give us the attitude, energy, and humor that punk rock fans really want. They even cover “Holiday Road.” Yep, that “Holiday Road.” Best song title goes to “The Royal Philharmonic Goes To The Bathroom.” Overall, a fun EP that is a bit of the good parts of pop punk thrown in with a good lot of old school punk. And its free, so what are you gonna lose?

[2013 Thumper Punk Records / Veritas Vinyl / Indie Vision Music | Download: Indie Vision Music]

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