Human 2.7 – Broken

HUman27 - BrokenHarder electronic, industrial-influenced, ebm… I’m not sure what to call Human 2.7, but I always like their output. They are darker than most “techno” bands, but easier to listen to than industrial (and I say that as a fan of true industrial). The closest act that I can think of that readers might be familiar with is Nov.Com – although that is more in conceptualization than actual sound. Human 2.7’s newest EP is up on BandCamp for a pay what you like deal. There is even a guest appearance by Gary Baker of Jagged Doctrine fame. All six songs float around the same speed – never too slow or too fast, but mostly upbeat enough to make good driving music. I highly recommend either ep, but if you are new to Human 2.7 – start off with the most recent Broken ep and enjoy.

[2013 Independent | Purchase:]

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