Josh Rude – A Rock So Big I Cain’t

And now for something completely different… This is an experimental, avant-guard, garage rock, random noise, way out in left field release that is a bit beyond description in some ways. I enjoy music like this, but I am just not sure how to describe it to you well enough to get you to go to BandCamp and listen for yourself. Would it help to say that Jerry Chamberlain (Daniel Amos), Joshua Lory (L.S. Underground, Cast the Dragon), Randy Layton (Alternative Records), Steve Taylor, Steve Scott, and others make guest appearances on here in various ways (spoken word pieces, narration, phone messages, etc)? I know it seems like there are a lot of songs on here, but only 8 of them break the 2:00 mark, with only 2 of those going over 3:00. Some tracks are kind of found noise constructed tracks, others have a structure like rock songs… well, experimental rock songs that is. Kind of like Marc Plainguet, Steve Scott, Mike Indest, and Christian Plumber thrown into a blender and lightly chopped up. It is quite the trip – but one I think you will enjoy if you will give it a chance. Available to purchase as a digital album from BandCamp for now, or to stream on many of the various streaming services. Rumor is that vinyl and CD versions are coming as well.

[2023 Independent | Purchase: BandCamp]

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