Kelly Jay Roberts – Alive and Alone

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We received a request to review this album months ago… but got a bit distracted by life. I really enjoyed the album, so I am trying to get the word out now. If you have been itching for some new industrial rock/metal, Roberts might be just the right fit for you. His sound has a bit more of a modern edge to it than your typical industrial/metal album from back in the 90s. For me, that is a good thing: modern rock music as a sound isn’t bad – it’s just usually so poorly played too often. For 90’s purists that might be a problem – but maybe its time to expand your horizons, eh? Roberts plays everything himself, but does a really good job of keeping it interesting. I could see this album fitting in with the FixT label – there are certainly many of the same aspects that makes Celldweller successful. For this type of music, there is definitely a sweet spot that has the right mix of heavy guitars and electronica. Many miss that spot, but Roberts nails it. Part of the reason I am behind on reviewing this is that the BandCamp page describes the lyrics as “film noir inspired” and “sci fi epic,” so I wanted to dig into them more. Obviously I haven’t, but from what I hear as I listened a few times (and a few quick scans of the lyrics posted on BandCamp), I would agree with that assessment. I believe this is only available digitally – but it seems to be at most of the regular online music spots, so give it a listen and throw some support to a newer artist keeping the electronic rock scene alive.

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