Kula Shaker – K 2.0

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What many people don’t know is that Kula Shaker is kind of one of the reasons this magazine exists. Years and years ago, Ruff and I were trying to think of ways to promote music from the bands we liked that were still around. I had been a fan of Kula Shaker since the 90s, so I had started reading a fan zine that kept up with their current music called Strange Folk. I told Ruff that we could do the same – put together a PDF magazine and put it online for free for anyone to read, and DTL was born. However, I was a bit late to K 2.0 basically because I had not been a huge fan of their last album Pilgrim Progress. I should have not given up hope on Kula Shaker. K 2.0 is a killer reinvention of everything that made their debut K so great. The Hindu mysticism and Indian music fusion elements are there, the guitar-based Brit-Pop is there, the clever lyricism is there… it’s just tweaked a bit into something fresh, some thing new, something…. 2.0. Believe it or not, but the cheapest physical product version I could find in the U.S. was the vinyl version, which comes with a bonus track (well, so do the digital versions, but I like that it is also on the vinyl). From the laid back sitar-driven psychedelic groove of the opener “Infinite Son” to the rock out surprise musical twist of “Here Come My Demons” to the devotional muted tones of “Hari Bol (The Sweetest Thing)” to the groovy Bollywood disco rock of “Get Right Get Ready,” this is band that is proving they can still bring the jams after several decades of existence.

[2016 StrangeFolk | Purchase: www.kulashaker.co.uk]

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