Lies by Bon Voyage

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2008 Tooth & Nail Records
Review by: Matt Crosslin

In the beginning, Bon Voyage was an entirely different monster than Starflyer 59 (except for guitarist Jason Martin, of course).  Then the two sounds of both bands started to drift together.  Even though they still remain slightly different, Bon Voyage (featuring Jason’s wife on vocals) and SF59 are now closer than ever.  Someday, I think the only difference will be the gender of the lead vocalist.  But that will be in about 10 years, as it seems to take that long for the Martins to release a couple of albums under the Bon Voyage moniker.

Jason Martin seems to be on a huge 80’s kick recently. Lies could easily have been released in 1986.  I can say that with authority as a child of the 80’s.  Even though we became known later by that whole odd “Gen-X” label, my generation was grooving to all those keyboard obsessed techno-rock songs of the mid-80s.

The songs on Lies are short and happy sounding.  Even when she is singing about thinking she is a monster, you can almost see Julie Martin singing with a smile on her face.

Also, I have to point out that this is really not a full-length album.  “Bad Dream” is really a different version (or maybe a re-mix?) of “Monster,” and “Bad Friend” and “LTD” are both instrumentals that barely stretch to over a minute.  In fact, while listening to “Bad Friend,” I can’t help but singing out loud “words are so very / unnecessary / they can only do harm.”  How long has it been since they last put out an album?  And we only get 8 true full length songs?  I think I only care because the songs are so, like, rockin’ and retro that I totally want more.

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