Lifesavers – Heaven High

Lifesavers - Heaven HighI will just come out and say this is my favorite Lifesavers album. Heaven High combines the energy of Huntington Beach with the catchiness of Poplife and the lyrical depth of Dream Life… and then mixes in all the new influences Knott and company bring to the table. Co-writer and bassist Joshua Lory shows that he fits in just fine with the surf power pop punk Lifesavers sound. So far, the buzz on this one has been consistently positive across the board. Even those few that didn’t go for the heaviness of PTSD are digging these tunes. The only compliant is that the 10 songs are just not enough – but maybe that is because there is some familiar ground covered. A few of these songs were originally recorded on the first All Indie EP in a much different format. Then there is the “This is the Healing” reprise at the end of “Stereo Radio.” But those are more just nods to the past that help to anchor this in Knott cannon. Overall, the album is great music to drive around and enjoy the summer with. For now, this is only available as a download, but CDs are coming soon.

[2013 Independent | Purchase:]

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