Michael Knott – Songs From The Feather River Highway EP

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Hard to believe we let this one pass without a review at DTL. Of course, you might see me as biased here, but I love this EP. Knott obviously wanted to put out an EP that connects his current work with his 90s output, and the resulting EP does a great job of doing just that. The opening chords of “Tremor Train Overload” bring to mind Knott’s Fluid album, with lush layers of sound, guitar, and feedback. This song instantly let’s you know from the beginning that Knott still has it. Many of the songs on the album have definite nods to Knotts work in the 90s – for example, “Lady of the Lourdes” seems to bring in some of the trippiness of Dogfish Jones. “Pictures in Cinders” starts of with a sick Josh Lory bass lick that builds into a full driving song that serves as my current favorite off the EP. “The Medow” is the last non-instrumental track on the album, complete with a cool melancholic guitar sound that brings serious atmosphere to the tune. The EP is officially ended with a nice piano instrumental by EP guitarist Rick McDonough, but there are copies of the CD out there that has the Rocket and a Bomb live concert at the end as bonus tracks. Also, don’t forget that Jesse Sprinkle played drums on this as well – a truly stellar line up. The real treat is that this EP was also pressed to vinyl – making it the first Knott project on vinyl since… Shaded Pain maybe? You will need to find Josh Lory online to see if there any copies left of the CD or vinyl, but both are definitely worth the trouble if you can find them. Knott commented on Facebook that he has 7(!) unreleased albums he is currently working on, so let’s hope this EP is just a tease of what is in store this year.

[2016 Blonde Vinyl Records } Purchase: blondevinyl.bandcamp.com]

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