Mike Indest – She’s Gone (One Take Acoustic Demos)

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mike-indest-shes-goneRemember the 90’s when 4-track cassette recorders and free time brought out the best in some of our heroes of alt-rock?

Jack Logan, Guided By Voices, Godstar and Palace are some of the pioneers of true DIY indie-rock.

Nowadays, with digital recorders, cheap and good compressors, mics and (God forbid) corrective devices, we seem to be lacking in the inspired sounds of the “get it on tape and call it done” era.

Although Mike Indest doesn’t quite have the nerve to call these songs more than demos, they are moving, honest, inspired and without intention, (just guessing) nostalgic.

I haven’t heard or felt this kind of loose, carefree, fun in an intelligent package since about ’92!

Take a break from the modern polished, masterpiece mentality and check this out!

2016 Independent | Download: mikeindest.bandcamp.com]

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