Ninety-Nine by The 77s

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ninety-nineTHE 77s

2007 Lo-Fidelity Records
Review by: Steve Ruff

This is the latest ‘live’ release by the 77’s. Recorded at Brian Quincy-Newcomb’s Christ Church back in 1999, this album was an answer to their highly acclaimed ‘live’ album “88” from ten years prior. This is a great compliment to the 77’s catalog. This band has always been great to see live, they have the skills that compliment the personas and always please the crowd.

This record is the enduring line up of Mike Roe, Bruce Spencer, Mark Harmon and they added Scott Reams for some additional help on guitar, keyboards and percussion. “99” has eight tracks coming in somewhere around 45 minutes, which is short for a 77’s show, but I guess they pulled the best tracks from this concert and put them to disc. Drawing different songs from their catalog, tracks here include favorites from the ’Tom Tom Blues’, ’Drowning With Land In Sight’ and their ’EP’ albums, as well as Roe’s second solo offering ’The Boat Ashore’.

“99” is the full band, fully plugged in and doing what they do best with the blues/rock vibe that they have become known for. If you don’t have this album, you should get it. If you do have it already, buy another one and give it away. The 77’s are one band that is known for allowing fans to tape and record their shows, and this album was on the trading circuits before it was ever packaged and released, so but an extra as a way of supporting this band and saying thanks.

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