No Line On The Horizon by U2

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2009 Interscope
Review by: Matt Crosslin

So you can hear this album on their MySpace page.  The whole thing.  And you’ve probably already decided whether to buy this album or not based solely on one factor – your opinion of Bono.  Or maybe based on the hype surrounding the album in general.  Let’s face it – the hype is good, and Bono is often misunderstood.  So does this album live up to its hype?

My opinion: a huge resounding yes.  Some people have been disappointed that this album is not as experimental as they would like.  Sorry, U2 didn’t get as popular as they are by being Radiohead.  They did it by being U2 – which means some change and experimentation with each album, along with some familiar elements.  That is always what I have appreciated about them.  There are some slight Middle Eastern influences on some songs.  Not so much that you think you are listening to a Rai album, but some subtle ones here and there.  But then a song like “Magnificent” comes ringing through with that familiar U2 sound and a big smile hits my face.

Even though I am one of those that get and appreciate Bono, I have to say there some occasional vocal moments that I would have changed if it were up to me.  And as much as I like “Get On Your Boots,” I have to admit that it sounds a bit too much like they are trying to make it sound like it is not “Vertigo.”

Some have also said this is U2’s most “Christian” album.  I think you would have to have a pretty narrow view of what being a Christian means to say that.  U2 has either been really bold in their beliefs, or really bold in mocking American culture (see Pop or Zooropa) – which I think is two things any Christian worth their salt would also be doing anyways.  That has never changed since their first album – it’s just a little more blatant here.

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