No Lost Cause – NLC

No Lost CausePunk rock that is a bit on the pop side. Or at least more on the “catchy chorus” side of punk rather than the “Green Day rip-off” side. I was thrown a bit by the sudden third wave ska sounds in the second track. A lot of this EP sounds like what Tooth & Nail was doing in the 90s, but all rolled up in one band. I was not a huge fan of what was called ska in the 90s, so there are a few tracks that I skip because they sound like I have heard them before. But that is just me. Songs like “No Weapon” and “My Strength” bring the punk that I like (even with a little ska thrown in – it’s okay in small doses). Fans of heavier 90’s ska or catchy punk rock will want to check this out.

[2013 Thumper Punk Records | Purchase:]

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