October Bird of Death – Assemble

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I’m not sure if this is a side project or full band – but as long as they are putting out great music I don’t care. Made up of current/former members of 2Minute Minor, The Blamed, Headnoise, and Ballydowse, October Bird of Death has punk rock cred oozing out of every pore. But rather than rest on their credy laurels, they have taken things up a notch and put out an new ep that tops the last one by a huge leap. On this ep, the grooves are thick and the guitar rages alongside pounding drums and snarling vocals. Of course,  those vocals will sound familiar to fans of 2Minute Minor (as they share the lead vocalist), but the overall sounds is still distinctly October Bird of Death. Where many punk rock bands find their favorite few notes/chords and play those one at a time really fast, October Bird of Death likes to find a more complex killer hook or groove and play it full throttle to bring the punk rock vibe. It’s the difference between being a band playing punk songs and being punk rock to the core.

[2018 Zap Records | Purchase: octoberbirdofdeath.bandcamp.com]

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