Orbis Max – Orbis Max

This is the new self-titled album from the self-described “Internet recording collection” from all over the place called Orbis Max. If the vocals and song writing sounds familiar, that is because this collective is led by DTL Collective member Dw Dunphy. So there should be something familiar about the music here for our readers. But because this is a collective, there is more than Dw here as well. At times they rock out, at other times they pull at your heart strings with songs like “RUOK” – which features some lovely guest vocals from Lisa Mychols. Stylistically, I would say this is somewhere in the alternative rock / power pop / rock rock realm, but kind of doing it’s own thing. Lots and lots of different styles mixed in, along with slight influences from many bands that we cover here. You probably heard many of the lead up singles for this release earlier this year, but it is safe to say that the whole album delivers on the promise of those singles. And check out the awesome artwork design! It continues throughout the digital file and packaging. Available for purchase as a digital download or physical CD from BandCamp.

[2023 Independent | Purchase: BandCamp]

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