Overflow by Windy Lyre

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windy-lyreWINDY LYRE

2008 Independent CD-R
Purchase: MySpace
Review by: Steve Ruff

This is Windy Lyre’s second album. Her first was on Blonde Vinyl back in 1991, and this is a beautiful follow up. Windy’s vocals are ethereal and remind me of the Cocteau Twins, maybe even Natalie Merchant from 10,000 Maniacs. She has an incredible voice and the music covers acoustic to pop, with nice overlays and arrangements. Michael Knott and Rick McDonough play all the instruments on here, as well as producing and mixing the album. Instruments include guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and the lap steel. This is definitely a ‘Christian’ release with lyrics that are introspective, as well as thankful and sincere, but always Christ centered and focused. This second release was a long time in the making, but definitely worth the wait. Hopefully she will continue to make records, but for now this is a solid, fully packaged release. Another cool thing that I liked was when the CD came it also came with a cool autographed photo. I’m a sucker for music memorabilia and merchandise. You can read her bio and order her CD through her MySpace page.

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