Pacifico – Everest

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Pacifico returns with their first new album since 2013’s Without Heroes. Everest has been out for a while, so we are obviously a bit behind on reviews. But if you missed this album when it came out, time to rectify your mistake. From the opening track “The Need to Dismantle,” Pacifico proves they haven’t lost a beat in the period between albums. The sound here is more modern, more lush, more rock, and possibly even more catchy than they were in the past. Pacifico worked with Ronnie Martin of Joy Electric fame on this album, and his influence shows. Each song is an intriguing mixture of electronic and rock elements, with Martin’s influence woven into the entire picture more than dominating. This makes sense, as Pacifico is more of an idea than a band anyways (according to the large letters on their website). I would say that is a good way to describe what you are hearing: full realized indie idea rock. You can listen on BandCamp or order the vinyl version (I got the vinyl when it first came out – totally worth it if you are into the superior listening experience of spinning records). At least check out their two singles (“Beautiful” and “Go Alone”) to see what the album is about – you won’t be disappointed.

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