Platoon 1107 / The Cants split

a1380587304_2Platoon 1107 starts off this split with blazing heavy fast punk. Remember the dirty guitar tones Blenderhead dialed in for their first full length? The guitars here remind of that, just used instead for straight up working class punk. Platoon 1107 blazes through six songs that mostly float around the 1-2 minute length mark. The Cants bring in a bit lower production value on their four songs. They sound interesting and catchy, but just a bit hard to hear. You also get long, interesting song titles like “The Real Predicament for Any Body Snatcher is The Body.” If you are hearing a slight Blaster The Rocket Man influence in that title, I think you will find that in the music also. Slight, but still there. In the end, you get two really different punk bands that end up working well together.

[2013 Thumper Punk Records | Purchase:]

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