Pospolite Ruszenie – Swiebodnosc

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The thing that is so amazing about music is that it transcends religion, sex, race, color and language. It is universal in its appeal because of the sounds that are created, not just because of words that are spoken or sung. There are some bands that sing in a language other than English that I absolutely love; Einsturzende Neubauten is one of my favorite bands, and Rammstein are another solid act that sings in their native German language – which also is perfect for the type of music they play. Sigor Ros and Cocteau Twins are also bands that are amazingly beautiful but don’t need the hindrance of a language to translate their craft. That being said, this was a first for me…Pospolite Ruszenie is a band that Matt sent me the link to and recommended I check out. I went to the website and found out these guys are Polish! I don’t think I have ever even heard Polish music before, but this is a great introduction.

These guys are a six piece band from Poland; their name translates to a pre-13th century Polish term describing the mobilization of armed forces. These guys play a really incredible fusion of folk, metal, renaissance and classic rock; there is a dose of the death metal growl that pops up in just the right places. These guys also play on replicas of period instruments which is unique and cool. Their lyrics are drawn from Polish poetry and scripture. This EP is free as a download and a welcome addition to a new act that is professional all the way around. The production is clean and the music is crisp, you need to check this out!

[2011 Independent | Download: pospolite.ruszenie.pl]

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