Saul of Tarsus – Road to Damascus

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SOT_400wThis album is an onslaught of melodic riffs, blasting beats, and throat wrenching vocals. I really enjoy their use of keyboards on the opening track “Fallen.” The Jazz break in “World Flesh Devil” was reminiscent of the Refused, very cool and creative. “The Last Jihad” has an epic and memorable guitar riff that will get the kids or the kid in you in the pit! “No Treasure” is my favorite on the album, love the arrangement. Lyrics are on point, relevant, and Christ-centered. Solid release start to finish, adding a lot to the scene and the genres that Saul of Tarsus seamlessly blends together: Crust, Metal, Punk, and more!

[2015 SkyBurnsBlack Records | Purchase:]

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