Secret Archives of the Vatican – Singles 2018

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This is not an album per se – it is an expanding collection of single songs recorded throughout 2018. At the time I am writing this review, there are 7 tracks posted. More will probably be added before the end of the year. SAotV has been around for decades, so this year they have been taking some different tactics at getting their music out there. They have been creating compilations on various streaming services, revisiting older albums, and focusing on singles for new music. Gotta roll with the times. I always love SAotV because of the way they masterfully weave world instruments and electronic music together. These “singles” are no exception – even though they also work together as a cohesive whole. “Mishti Dub” is probably one of my favorites of the bunch, with nice combinations of Indian, Middle Eastern, and chill bass and drum. Although I also enjoy the near disco-beat with deep groovin’ bass of “The Sword Maker of al-Shams” as a very close second. But really, pick any one track and you will not be disappointed. You can download these tracks for free, but be sure to add in some money to help the band out. Also, check out their compilations on Spotify and iTunes, as well as the re-issues of older albums like Reformation, The Beautiful Names of God Volume 1, and Dust: The Remixes.

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  1. Thanks! We like making music and we’ll keep doing so as long as possible. It’s hard to get noticed – Spotify alone gets 20,000 new tunes per day. Music marketing tactics are ever-changing so it’s hard to keep up!

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