Take Back The Scene by Western Grace

Western Grace puts the PUNK back into punk rock. Too many bands have been doing rock with a glossy punk sheen lately. Josh Lory is here to remind them that punk was meant to be in your face and rough. Sissy pop-punk fans should stay away from this – it might make you wet in your skinny jeans.

Okay, I say rough and nasty, but I still find the songs catchy and enjoyable. Josh has laid down some great riffs all over this album. Despite the gruff vocals, you will find yourself wanting to sing along.

The lyrics are also very in-your-face. Not to mention that you get a sound clip of a lecture at the end of the last song to chew on. This album will leave you thinking… and wanting more.

If you haven’t seen it posted all over the place, this album is available for free. Yes – free! Go out and get it now before Josh changes his mind, or some label gets their head out of their rear and decides to release this nationally.

[2009 Independent | Download: BandCamp.com]

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