The Choir – Bloodshot

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By now, I am not sure what I can say about a new album by The Choir to convince more people to check it out. You are either a diehard fan, or part of the small minority that has given up on the band completely. Let me attempt to appeal to those hold outs: yes, I am one of “those people” that likes much of their recent output. But this album is a whole new level for the band. I feel this is their most consistent and listenable album since their 80s/90s heyday. And again, I like their recent albums. This is just a another step up for them. I’m also not a huge fan of the name of the album, but the album art is cool at least. The feel of this album is darker than past albums. Why you ask? Sure the lyrics are tackling more difficult topics, and the guitar is more prominent on more songs – but it really just a general feel to the overall song writing. Stylistically, I would place Bloodshot as a bit heavier than Shadow Weaver, but still not as heavy as Kissers and Killers. Of course, songs like “Californians on Ice” and “House of Blues” are incredibly catchy… almost pop in sensibility. I’m also digging the upbeat-but-still-somehow-nostalgic-and-melancholy sweetness of songs like “Magic” and “We’ve Got the Moon.” But really, I’m not finding any songs to skip on the whole album. This is currently available streaming, digitally, and on CD… but the band seems to be taking input on a vinyl release – maybe? Hopefully that will happen, as this is screaming for a vinyl pressing!

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