The Poor Geezers – All 4 One – Best Of (review 2)

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The Poor Geezers - All 4 One - coverI snagged this to review because it was labeled something along the lines of folksy/punk or something like that. I was really surprised when I put on my headphones and the music started coming out. I didn’t really know what to expect, but this is a straight up rugged, DIY, acoustic based music with attitude and ethics. The first thing that came to mind was a stripped down Billy Bragg, or someone like John Wesley Harding. From the press release, the core players are “Dean Riches who is a multi-talented guitarist, drummer, singer, songwriter, harmonica player who lost his front teeth in a Meteors mosh pit, and Eagle Spits who is a poet, croaker activist who loves The Clash and Blind Willie Johnson.” This album is basically a “best of” compilation from their previous four records. It really is a great album that has poetry tracks mixed in with bluesy, acoustic, stripped down songs about religion, Christ, politics and social oppression. There is a definite brash attitude inside these songs, a “tell it like it is” attitude that communicates their truth and belief. This is a great record, get it and try something outside of the box for a change. These guys have a definite Joe Strummer flavor, one of those “hanging on to hear the next line” type deals. Great stuff!

[2013 Thumper Punk/Raven Faith | Purchase:]

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