The Rover’s Three

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rovers-threeTHE ROVER’S THREE

2007 Independent CD-R
Review by: Steve Ruff

The Rovers Three are exactly what the name implies, ‘A Kind’ a Irish Band’. This is one of Michael Knott’s ever expanding side projects, if it can be called a side project. This is a fun, eclectic mix of traditional Irish songs, as well as some originals.  The members are Michael, his Dad Howie, and their friend Chuck.

My experience with Irish music, which I love, has always been in the vein of The Pogues or the revved up sounds of Dropkick Murphy’s. So, this record was a new experience for me. It is definitely a fun album, one you can imagine playing in the backyard while you hang out with your friends. You could dance a jig barefoot in the sand, or dance on the table with a pint in your hand. It sounds like the guys are having fun playing these tunes. Michael switches between the mandolin and guitar, Howie handles the harmonica, tin whistle and the bodhran (an Irish drum), and Chuck handles the primary guitar playing. The sounds are infectious and the tunes are really cool. The thing that stands out the most is the mandolin, which is an instrument that is not heard often these days, but it has such an eclectic sound and marries well with the guitar and vocals. The one thing that I have always loved about Irish music are the traditional songs, which are found here as well. There are a total of twelve songs on this record, five of which are original, and the rest are covers.

The liner notes say, “ Mike, Chuck and Howie put their band together for the fun and entertainment of all who would listen. Encouraged by the reception they received, they have made this CD.” It’s good to hear Michael and his dad playing together again, the last L.S.U. record ‘Dogfish Jones’ had Howie on it, as well as the song ‘The Boyos’ which is also found here on this record.

Then, when you have absorbed all The Rovers Three goodness you can stand, pop in their second record “Go Irish.” This is another  album that is musically in line with the first. ‘Go Irish’ has a whopping twenty one songs on it, including six of the songs from the first album. They do have many new traditional songs here as well as my favorite “The Black Velvet Band.”

Both of these CD’s are available through the website If you don’t own them, grab one for you and a friend.

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