The Spooky Loop by Paloma

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1999 Devaness Records
Review by: Steve Ruff

This is one of the best discs that you probably have never heard of. I came across this disc about 10 years ago in a Christian bookstore and bought it because the back cover has a picture of a billboard with John Lennon and Yoko Ono on it. I thought the photos were so cool that I bought the CD. This quickly became a favorite of mine, and I was pleasantly surprised that Gene Eugene was a guest vocalist on here. This is yet another record that was recorded at the Green Room. This band was put together by Chad Anderson, and I cover it here because I just recently found him on MySpace still making music under the name Roger Moon. Paloma came and went with no attention and I have never seen them covered anywhere else. You can find this disc on eBay or Amazon for cheap if it strikes your interest. The music can best be described as indie rock that borders on shoe gaze but never hits that heavy wall of distortion and sound. I think this record is amazing! The lyrics are deep, poetic and they seem to tell a story that always borders on the somewhat sad and melancholy. Anderson’s voice is the perfect vehicle for this music as well. Check out what he is doing now on MySpace, and spend the coins on eBay or Amazon to get this gem that was unfortunately overlooked.

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