Various Artists – We Bear the Scars

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This is a killer compilation in the vein of the old Helpless Amoungst Friends albums. How this hasn’t sold thousands of copies yet is beyond me. The rare Living Sacrifice and Warlord tracks alone should move several hundred copies each by themselves. Come on – Warlord came out of retirement to record a killer groovy track. Living Sacrifice contributes a long lost track from the Hammering Process sessions that was unreleased until this comp. Un. Re. Leased. Living. Sacrifice. people! But that is not all. As far as I can tell, this is the only place to currently hear a song by The Satire – a new band with Jim Chaffin and Bryan Gray. And a trippy chaotic awesome song it is! Or how about the only known recording by Deathbed Atheist (Matt Johnson of Roadside Monument + Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter + Nathan Burke of Frodus)? You know that one slays just by reading the players. Then you have the doom of AAPOAA (Brian Fletchner post-Warlord). Plus Eso-Charis throwing in a rare 7-inch track. Or what about The Soul’s Unrest featuring Blaze Pearson of World Against World? Unteachers, Maranatha, and Death Therapy all contribute brutal tracks. Plus a bunch of indie/up and coming bands to discover – 18 tracks in all. These are not leftover songs that should have stayed buried, either. These are top-notch songs that cover a variety of brutal metal genres. The best part is that this album is a fundraiser for Timothy “Greybeard” Henderson, drummer for Warlord, Mr. Bishops Fist, and Catechumen. According to the compilation website, Timothy “has fibromyalgia & several other health issues that have put his family in great financial need over the last 11 years.” Tim is a great guy that I know through Facebook. We have been having a deep philosophical discussion on and off for years now that will hopefully get finished and published in Down the Line. But his condition slows that down, like everything else in his life. So grab a copy or two, spread the word, and get this compilation out to as many people as possible to support a great cause!

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