Wickeds End – The Grand Decay

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Wickeds End is still alive and kicking! I never really thought I would be saying that in 2017, but Glenn Rowlands has defied the odds and come back with multiple albums over the past few years. Of course, this is a newer, heavier Wickeds End. Gone are the thrash hardcore crossover sounds of the 90s – this is extremely heavy and fast thrash / black / death metal. Growled / shouted / shrieking vocals are the norm here, with bone crushing riffs and pummeling bass and drums. This may be too extreme for some of their past fans, but those that enjoy the extreme side of metal will dig this. I know I enjoy it. The lyrics are very right wing hell-fire and brimstone, with many misunderstandings of the liberal enemies they seek to attack. That may be your thing, or it might not, but I personally feel it is better to disagree with the truth rather than tear down a straw man. I know that for many, it is hard to be fans of a band that has such extremely political lyrics, as I struggle with that as well. But I say this just so you will know.

[2017 Independent | Purchase: wickedsend.bandcamp.com]

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